Customs Documents Assistance

by Khalif Secure Delivery

Customs documents are the set of documents required by a customs authority to accurately and completely identify goods, which are either leaving or entering a country. Every country has its own specific rules and regulations governing information and documentary requirements.

We issue our own House bill-of-lading, but other documents which normal are required by customs include Consolidated B/L, Freight B/L, Domestic B/L, Waybill, Proforma/Commercial invoice just to mention a few of the documentation. To avoid delays we believes in faster and easier operational processes so we consider it as part of our responsibility to obtain all the necessary documents that will be need for any shipping transaction.

In addition to general customs clearance services, we also offer a range of value added consultancy services. As global market integration and deregulation continues to push forward, our customs team continually review and update trade and tariff information of relevance to each of our clients.

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